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Mastering Data Governance: Insights and Strategies for Success with Doug McConchie

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In this episode of Tech in Ten, Ben chats with Doug McConchie, Head of Data & Analytics at HSO, about the importance of data governance in today's digital landscape.

Doug shares his insights and experiences in implementing DG practices, highlighting key points such as having a clear but realistic plan, understanding the culture and modifying the approach accordingly, implementing both formal and informal DG practices, and focusing on tangible value-adding wins.

He also emphasizes the significance of selling and communicating the ROI from these wins to grow impact incrementally over time.

Additionally, Doug shares exciting news about his upcoming book, "Mastering Data Governance" which is set to be released in summer 2023.

Tune in to learn more about the vital role of DG in modern organizations and gain valuable insights on how to implement successful data governance practices.​