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Exploring the Public Sector with Samantha Starling, Head of Data & Insight at Wiltshire Council

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​In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Samantha Starling, Head of Data & Insight at Wiltshire Council, about all things related to the public sector.

Samantha shares her insights on why she finds the public sector such an enjoyable space to work in. From the satisfaction of knowing that her work is making a positive impact on the community to the diverse range of projects and initiatives that she gets to work on, Samantha paints a vivid picture of the rewards of working in the public sector.

We also delve into some of the key challenges facing the public sector when it comes to data and analytics. Samantha shares her thoughts on how organizations can overcome these challenges by fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Throughout the episode, Samantha emphasizes the importance of using data to drive better decision-making and improve services for citizens. She explains how the public sector can leverage technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness, while also ensuring that data is handled in a responsible and ethical manner.

Whether you're currently working in the public sector or simply interested in learning more about this fascinating space, this episode is sure to provide valuable insights and perspectives. Samantha's passion and enthusiasm for her work are infectious, and her experiences and advice are sure to inform and inspire anyone looking to make a difference in their community.