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The Future of Digital Marketing: A Conversation with Ian Hazeldine, MD at Yellow Circle

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​Ben and Hannah sit down with Ian Hazeldine, MD @ Yellow Circle to discuss

In this episode, we sit down with Ian Hazeldine, MD at Yellow Circle, a leading digital marketing agency. Ian shares insights into the business and their innovative new marketing subscription model that has transformed the way they work with clients.

Ian discusses how Yellow Circle's subscription model allows them to provide a more holistic service to their clients, enabling them to work with them on an ongoing basis to continually refine and improve their marketing strategies. This approach has not only led to better results for their clients but has also helped to build stronger relationships with them.

Ian also shares some of the challenges that come with this new subscription model, such as the need to constantly adapt and evolve their services to meet the changing needs of their clients. He also touches on how technology has played a crucial role in enabling Yellow Circle to provide a more personalized and effective service to their clients.

Overall, this episode is a fascinating look at the future of digital marketing and how innovative companies like Yellow Circle are leading the way with their new subscription model. Whether you're a business owner looking to improve your marketing strategy or simply interested in the latest trends in digital marketing, this is an episode you won't want to miss!

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