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Manchester's Thriving Tech Culture | Marlon Hope

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Marlon Hope is Digital Product Manager at Tilney Smith and Williamson

Marlon offers high level strategic support, and project management for both public and private organisation. He is a mentor, DCF advisory board member and Community Lead @ Techs & the City.

Marlon Hope is an experienced Programme Manager currently heading the team responsible for Digital Product at Tilney Smith and Williamson, which provides professional and financial services to private clients and their business interests.

Having led digital transformations in both public and private sectors, Marlon is passionate about the development of people and the role of mentorship and coaching in the furtherment of Manchester as the global digital hub of choice.

During this podcast episode, Ben sits down with Marlon to discuss his career journey into product management, Marlon's views on management and mentoring, and the thriving tech culture in Manchester.