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Scaling Engineering | Joe Pettersson, CTO @ Banked

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Joe Pettersson is a technology leader with a focus on building inclusive, productive and fun engineering and product teams. Joe has worked in a lot of different domains, but has a particular passion for developer tools and B2B SaaS businesses. He is also an active angel and seed investor in the European technology eco-system.

Banked is a fintech startup that powers real-time payments for consumers, businesses and banks. Their dream is to ensure everyone gets paid in the fastest, cheapest, most efficient way possible, so they’re driving an irreversible shift in global payments.

During the podcast episode, Ben sits down with Joe to discuss how to successfully scale happy, diverse and motivated engineering teams. They also discussed Joe's book 'Scaling Engineering', (set to be released on July 2022) which consists of interviews with over 400 engineering leaders.

"Scaling engineering teams is difficult. It's complex, time-consuming and at times it can feel unintuitive. A few can turn to their networks as they go on the journey, and that can feel like a super power. The knowledge and experience needed can feel inaccessible to those that don't have their own networks. Scaling Engineering is being written to help solve that problem."