Web developer salary for 9 common languages

web developer salary




We took to IT Jobs Watch to find the average web developer salary in the UK.


According to our estimate, the figure currently sits at:  £50,166

Where did this figure come from?

The average salary above may seem arbitrary at first glance. Let us explain.


As you probably know, ‘web developer’ is a very broad term.


Salaries vary considerably between languages and locations (obviously roles based in London typically pay much higher than average rates).  We tried to account for this with our estimate. To work out the average web developer salary, we found the average salaries for 9 of the most popular web developer coding languages:


(JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Golang, HTML/CSS, ASP.NET, C#, & Java)


Our estimate of £50,166 represents the average of the language-specific salaries below.


web developer salary

JavaScript web developer salary – £50,000



JavaScript is a flexible and powerful programming language that is implemented consistently by various web browsers. It now dominates the web development job market. In short, it became so popular because it turned web browsers into application platforms. Familiarity with the language is now crucial for web developers. It has been the most commonly used language in Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey for six years in a row.



web developer salary


HTML/CSS web developer salary – £27,000


HTML is at the core of every web page, regardless the complexity of a site or number of technologies involved. It’s an essential skill for every web developer. CSS dictates how the HTML elements of a website should actually appear on the frontend of the page. Even if these are the only languages a developer knows, there are plenty of entry level positions out there.


web developer salary


C# web developer salary – £45,000


Being powerful, flexible, and well-supported has meant C# has quickly become one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Today, it is the 4th most popular programming language, with approximately 31% of all developers using it regularly. It is also the 3rd largest community on StackOverflow (which was built using C#) with more than 1.1 million topics.


web developer salary


ASP.NET web developer salary – £47,500


ASP.NET is very popular with large enterprises and government applications. Not so much with startups. However its popularity has had an uptick following the release of ASP.NET Core – as it offers far more benefits for web application development. Because it is already firmly established in the market, ASP.NET will remain a prime choice for enterprise app development for years to come.  


web developer salary

PHP web developer salary – £42,000


PHP makes up over 83% of server side languages used on the internet. Much of that is made up of PHP-based content management systems such as WordPress, but even if you remove pre-built CMS from the equation, PHP still makes up over 54% of the web. Many of the old problems associated with PHP have now been resolved – the latest version is an extremely fast, streamlined language with a strong object-oriented focus. It’s also a very flexible, loosely typed language. This makes it very easy to pick up and start writing, but also very easy to write poorly.


web developer salary


Go web developer salary – £67,500


In only two years, Golang leaped from the 65th most popular programming language to #17. While languages such as Java and C continue to dominate programming, new models have emerged that are better suited to modern computing, particularly in the cloud. Go’s increasing use is due, in part, to the fact that it is a lightweight, open source language suited for today’s microservices architectures.


web developer salary


Ruby web developer salary – £60,000


Despite oft repeated claims that Ruby is a dead language, in reality, it’s quite well off. According to popularity rankings published by RedMonk, Ruby takes the 8th place and belongs to Tier 1 programming languages. Notable sites such as Airbnb, GitHub, and Hulu continue to use Ruby on Rails. Ruby also has a strong and active developer community with almost 3,500 contributors on GitHub.


web developer salary


Java web developer salary – £55,000


Java is the king of the server side. It has been around since the early 1990s and has held the top spot on the TIOBE index for years. There were considerably more jobs listed on IT jobs Watch for Java than any of the other languages listen in this post. Main reasons for its popularity include its platform independent nature and portability. For job seekers the vast implementation of Java across different industry domains make it a lucrative programming language to pursue for a long-term career.


web developer salary


Python web developer salary – £57,500


Python is the fastest-growing programming language in the world. The rate of growth is high across many industries including academia, manufacturing, electronics, finance, energy, tech, and, government. Its popularity can be attributed to a set of robust libraries that make it such a dynamic and a fast programming language. It’s object-oriented, and it really allows for everything from creating a website, to app development, to creating different types of data models.



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