Stay in control of your vacancies

The reputation of the recruitment industry has been tarnished by poor communication and a lack of transparency. Many hiring managers fear that working with a recruitment agency means their vacancy will enter into a ‘black hole’ – leaving them with little idea of what is being done, how the process is going, or what the next step is.


We understand this concern and place an emphasis on full transparency. With Venturi, you’ll maintain control of your vacancy with full access to our support team and regular progress updates from your personal consultant. Our high-touch level of service means you can rest easy in the knowledge that your vacancy is being well taken care of.


What you get:


Help with job descriptions


Job descriptions are often overlooked. But getting them right makes a big difference when it comes to candidate attraction. We work closely with our clients to make sure their position stands out from the hundreds of other similar roles on the market.


Following an initial consultation with our support team we can work with you to craft a job description which:


  • Captures candidate attention right from the start
  • Creates a sense of urgency to encourage application
  • Tells an engaging story rather than reading like a simple wish-list of requirements
  • Sells the benefits of your company to candidates by highlighting to candidates:
    • Opportunities for learning and growth
    • Interesting problems they’ll be working on
    • How their work will make an impact


Video Interview Platform – Pre-recorded interview


Interviewing costs hiring managers a vast amount of time. To do initial telephone interviews with just five or six candidates generally takes around three hours. Then you need to add on admin time to arrange each interview, time to deliver feedback, and time to arrange next steps. Before you know it, that’s almost a whole day gone. Venturi’s Video Interview Platform (Venturi VIP) enables our clients to save a tremendous amount of time reviewing CVs and doing first stage interviews.

The benefits of using the Venturi VIP for first stage interviews:


  • Time: Spend less time reviewing CVs and less time to conduct irrelevant first-stage interviews. Our VIP gives you the ability to review six candidates for ‘first stage’ interviews in 30 minutes rather than three hours.
  • Flexibility: No time constraints. Candidates and clients always have varying schedules. Pre-recorded interviews can be reviewed at any time – day or night.
  • Locations: Teams in different locations can also review pre-screened interviews.
  • Travel: Save potential candidates the hassle of having to travel to onsite interviews.
  • Commitment: Those candidates that have the motivation to complete a pre-screening video interview are likely to have the right level of commitment for your vacancy.


How does it work?

We ask our clients to provide us with some pre-screening questions they would like candidates to answer. We then ask shortlisted candidates to record their answers on our video platform.  When all the interviews have been recorded, clients receive an email link to a shortlist of candidates who we feel are strongest. They then decide who they would like to progress to the next stage. You can also carry out live interviews on the platform yourself as well as screenshare for things like coding challenges.



Regular progress updates


From the outset, we consult with our clients to discuss and agree on the frequency and form of communication that works best for them. This may include daily phone updates, weekly progress reports, or even monthly, top-level statistical analysis. Your dedicated consultant will oversee the entire process from taking the brief to presenting a final activity summary.


When working to fill your vacancy we’ll keep you informed of:


  • Number of suitable CVs sourced
  • Number of outreaches to passive candidates
  • Number of candidates spoken to
  • Number of candidates shortlisted
  • Updates on any competitors who are actively hiring in the same space
  • Updates on why specific candidates have come off the market
  • Market feedback from candidates – what they thought of your website, job description, salary, interview process etc.


Post-placement support  


Our commitment to you and your business does not end when a candidate starts their new role. We offer continuous support to our clients and placed candidates. Maintaining ongoing communication enables early resolution of any problems should they arise.


Following a placement, we can support you with:


  • Onboarding your new hire
  • Improving your Employee Value Proposition
  • A ‘Cost Per Hire’ vs ‘Employee Lifetime Value’ review
  • Staff retention plans
  • Training needs analysis