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Women in Tech, Why tech companies need to increase diversity in their workforce – Rashi Khurana



In this episode Andy Davis talks to Rashi Khurana, the Director, Engineering for eCommerce Images and Contributor experience at Shutterstock. On the show they discuss how to get more women in tech. Andy also asks Rashi about her own career development and mentoring. They also chat about having the right approach to business and the best practices when leading a team.

Rashi is currently leading the technical teams for the eCommerce platform and the Contributor experience at Shutterstock, New York City. Previously, she has worked with Orbitz Worldwide where she use to own and manage the Landing Page framework and Infrastructure. The framework involved creation and launch of dynamic and flexible landing pages with customization and personalization built in it. This also involves the business facing tool that contributors can use to generate content and publish landing pages.


Show Notes:

1.10 Rashi’s career background and development.

3.13 Are the traditional methods of educating technologist obsolete?

5.03 Does there need to be a realignment in the way we onboard tech professionals.

9.14 How do we increase women’s confidence in tech.   

10.22 Why does society gear engineering towards males?

11.47 Negating social anxiety and learning at your own pace.

14.46 Have you had any mentors in your career and have you found yourself a mentor in recent years.

17.12 Rashi’s mentoring and speaking work.

19.00 Having the right attitude and approach in business.

21.35 How do you earn your team’s trust?

22.35 Leading by example and letting employees know it’s ok to fail.

26.46 Building a productive company culture.

29.08 Finding a company with the right cultural fit for you.

30.39 What motivates you?



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