How your technical expertise can let you work in any industry – Tor Gisvold

Can you solve any problem using technology? Jump to 11.35 to find out.

Tor is the CTO at Adarga

A very experienced digital CTO/technologist, Tor specialises in managing large scale online presences using cutting edge tech. His IT experience stretches to the online and media industries. He has worked with both startups and large companies using a mix of traditional and agile approaches to solution solving. Tor has hands-on experience in building complete online technology teams and web services from greenfield, on an international stage with distributed teams.

Can you solve any problem using technology?

Technology is a great leveler and it is now so universal every industry imaginable is irreversibly linked to technology. You might think that being applied to so many industries would make the technological problems faced by companies vastly different. That isn’t the case. Most companies despite their sector all tend to have the same technical problems. Tor highlights this point in the below extract.    

‘There’s a definite advantage to knowing the industry you’re working in. Certain industries do have specific ways of working. But technology in many respects is a great leveler. When I worked in broadcasting, or newspapers, or gaming, or crisis management, or I was down at Burberry sorting out some of the accounting systems.  The industry didn’t matter too much. The problems you faced were usually the same just with a different ‘industry packaging’. The amount of red tape and testing you had to do was the big difference between them. So, I found that going into gaming at 50 years old wasn’t a big shift in my career at all.’     

Show Notes:

00.57 Technology is advancing exponentially

05.13 Rolling up the sleeves and writing some code

09.28 Stories of Santa Monica

10.57 Working on open source hardware

11.35 Tech problems are universal no matter your industry

15.41 There’s a deficit of experienced staff in the tech sector

18.48 Is the ability to ‘make decisions’ cross-functional?

20.34 Humans are still dictating how AI operates

21.59 We need to treat ‘bright, shiny’ tech with a bit of skepticism

23.53 E-sports is massive

24.29 As humans we’re limited by our perception of scale 

27.16 The barrier from starting up a company has got lower and lower

28.12 Politics and tech are getting more intertwined 

29.27 Developing an app that detects pollen

34.48 Producing carbon dioxide on the treadmill