Shaping the NoSQL Space – Dominic Wellington

Dominic is the Director, Field Initiatives & Readiness, EMEA at MongoDB

Currently working in the marketing department for MongoDB, Dominic makes sure MongoBD is talking about things that are relevant for what their customers want to hear. He’s also tasked with taking on board points and suggestions from users.

On the show, Andy and Dominic chat about the DevOps space, developments place in decision making and remote working.


Show Notes:

2:20 – Dominic’s Career

3:51 – The Blurring of Dev and Ops

7:04 – “Software is eating the world” Dev now has a chair at the high table

10:08 – MongoDB’s approach to Development

16:48 – The ‘Commercial Developer’ Mindset

19:00 – Looking Beyond Tech for Answers

21:00 – Talking to a Variety of Experience at MongoDB

24:00 – Remote Working and the Value of Outward Perspectives 

27:30 – Keeping Your Dev Skills Current

30:30 – Open Source Options Are Often the Best Ones

32:00 – Careers at MongoDB