What can my Quality Assurance team lead do for my business – Fayeez Ahmed

In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Fayeez Ahmed, the QA Team Lead at WeSwap.com. On the show, they discuss routes into QA. Andy asks Fayeez about his transition into a leadership position. They also chat about the direction quality assurance is heading in.

Fayeez is a firm believer in automation, where necessary. He thoroughly enjoys creating pipeline tools to optimise workflows and is constantly improving his skills in a range of areas, such as Scripting, Lighting, and Texturing. Fayeez also has a strong interest in web design and development.



Show Notes:   

1.07 Quality Assurance is becoming an in-demand skill. Do we have the supply?

3.09 How did you get into Quality Assurance?

4.41 How easy is it to drastically shift your career trajectory and do you think it’s possible to acquire a base set of skills that make this transition easier.  

7.08 What skills are best suited for a career in Quality Assurance?

9.28 Transitioning into a leadership position.

11.07 If you were reliving your career would you have done anything differently?

13.17 What are you expecting to see in the QA space this year?

14.51 Are more people investing in QA.

16.15 What makes a good QA team?

19.40 Getting a good mix of people and skills in your QA team.

22.20 Taking QA to the next level.  

24.31 Recommending Slack communities.        

25.44 How do you assess your career goals and do you tend towards big goals or smaller more frequent goals?