Life as a Contractor – Melanie Calver

Today’s guest is Melanie Calver Director at Prosperity Technology and a career IT contractor. We discussed how she got involved in contracting in the first place and why Melanie enjoys the contracting life and the benefits of contracting vs. permanent work.

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Show Notes:

1.43 Messages to her 18-year-old self

3.35 Stop trying to force a career and go with the flow

5.07 Where Melanie learned her most important lessons

6.12 Working without appraisals

8.08 How to loosen the reigns as a manager

12.05 Finding jobs through recruiters

17.13 How Melanie got into contracting

19.31 The cons of contracting

21.48 Being a mother and a contractor

25.09 Taking large life events to re-evaluate your work life

30.07 Using technology to free you from the office 

35.02 What is Melanie most excited about in the future 

37.35 Career pressure to move South