From accountancy to Head of Data – Brendon Ellis

Brendon is the Head of Data at Shawbrook Bank

Brendon’s journey into data isn’t your typical one. He hasn’t risen through the ranks to his current position from a technical background. Brendon was originally an accountant. He worked for a while as an auditor. He learned a lot in that position but was happy when he was able to move on.    

He spent a long time working at RBS and Credit Swiss undertaking large-scale financial transformation pieces. These experiences let Brendon see the insides of tier one banks very well.  

After this, he moved into the consulting space and led some of the business intelligence offerings at a construction firm and after that built out the international analytics function for a movie company. This was probably Brendon’s first introduction to the data space. He’s now head of data at Shawbrook.      

Show Notes:

00.32 Banking is cool, The Shawbrook bank Journey

01.40 Brendon’s background and career journey

03.31 Linear career paths are outdated

05.48 Accounting to analytics

08.45 What sets Shawbrook’s apart from the rest?

11.37 Tech is an enabler, its people and processes that need to change 

15.17 Researching the best tech stack to solve your problem 

17.00 Getting fulfillment in your career 

19.07 Empowering others to do great work   

21.13 Exciting projects at Shawbrook

22.47 Shawbrooks culture

25.07 The best thing about the Shawbook team

26.12 Careers at Shawbrook bank