The key to delivering a successful hackathon – Sean Sadler

Sean is Head of IT at CTIL.

Sean is a highly motivated and commercially aware Information Technology Executive. He has a track record of delivering increased levels of productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Sean has over 20 years’ experience of leading & mentoring teams spanning the full range of global IT operations, infrastructure, business systems, and service management.


Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited (CTIL) was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between Vodafone and Telefónica to manage the network sites for both companies including the consolidation of sites to create a single grid.


On the show, Andy asks Sean about implementing artificial intelligence into a business. They also discuss running hackathons and constantly innovating as a company.




Show Notes:

00.31 Adopting new behaviours at work.

04.29 Innovation and automation.

07.13 Facilitating necessary change.

08.50 Being passionate about learning.

11.10 Staying technical in your career.

13.33 Are tech salaries to high?

15.53 Techies need to be more commercially aware.

17.57 Collaborating with non-technical teams.  

19.26 Running hackathons.

20.41 Handling and managing people.

24.05 Overcoming the challenges presented by change management.