Exploring Code: The advantages of Go – Matt Ryer

In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Matt Ryer. He’s currently an author, programmer, and gopher and currently the Chief Architect at Graymeta. On the show, Matt chats to Andy about Go, why it’s different from other languages, and its advantages. They also discuss gamifying the coding process and talk about open source online communities.

Matt is a creative and agile hands-on leader who knows how to deliver world-class products and services. He is the author of Go Programming Blueprints.



Show Notes:

1.01 What made you want to learn Go.

3.09 Was there a particular project you were working on that made you start using Go?
9.33 Go’s advantages.

12.05 Do you think there’s been a lot of thought put into Go by Google and what do you think their aim behind the language was?

14.50 Have you met any of the people who wrote Go?

17.39 Meeting and collaborating with people in online communities.

19.39 Gamification of the coding process.

22.30 Measuring performance for code writers.

25.09 Different ways to micromanage teams.

27.32 Talking about line of sight coding.

33.33 Go generating momentum in the tech market.

38.19 What direction do you see Go heading in?

41.47 What keeps you motivated and what are you striving for?

45.34 Talking about open source online communities.