The changing digital marketing landscape – Gary Reid

Gary Reid is the Managing partner and founder of Tutch media.

Gary specialises in growing digital marketing agencies. He has spent his entire career working with companies building brands and marketing strategies.  Having spent countless hours assessing the internal workings of marketing agencies, Gary is well placed to know what works and what doesn’t.

Show Notes:

0.29 Working with small agencies.

3.01 Motivating people to work for small agencies.

5.47 Does agency work pose a recruitment challenge?

7.49 Determining what ‘good’ looks like in today’s job market.

11.47 Looking to other agencies of inspiration.

14.50 IT specialist salaries.

19.39 Difficulties in allocating time for staff training.

20.51 How have your professional pain points changed over your career?

22.52 Do you see a future with fewer agencies?