Dealing in Data: How to best deploy data in your company – Johanna Hutchinson

In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Johanna Hutchinson, the Head of Data at the Pensions Regulator. Johanna is an experienced Data Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. Skilled in Analytical Skills, Sustainability, Government and Lecturing.

They discuss the necessity for companies to become more data-driven, making decisions based on your findings and the difficulties of basing your analysis on people.

Show Notes:

1.07 Johanna’s post-doctoral research and progressing to the head of her sector.

2.46 Working on compelling projects.

4.26 Motivating companies to becoming more B.I driven.

5.19 Educating people.

6.53 Overcoming resilience.

8.02 What are some of the big lessons you’ve learned whilst moving towards a more data-driven country.

10.16 The importance of diversity in your tech teams.

11.18 The creative elements to working in a tech team.

12.38 Should we ever ignore the evidence our findings produce?

14.41 How difficult is it to compartmentalise your findings?

16.21 Making high-level decisions based on your findings.

18.23 Do you think it’s difficult to draw analysis based on people?

19.32 Are our forecasting predictions becoming more accurate due to technology?