Using Data Science to make decisions – Pete Williams

In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Pete Williams, a Data evangelist and the founder of The Decision Playbook. On the show, they discuss the hype around the CDO position. Andy asks Pete how he gets the most out of his data science teams. They also chat about the diversity present in a data team.

Pete is an active member of the UK CDO community. He’s passionate and inspirational on an outcome-focused data and analytics strategy to drive commercial performance. Over 20 years experience in premium UK retail have created deep experience in empowering decision makers with data-driven solutions for faster, better decisions. He’s an innovative and strategic thinker, motivated to disrupt and ‘make a difference’.



Show Notes:

1.07 The hype around Data science and the CDO role.

5.34 Is the CDO the last piece of the puzzle in regards to the hype around data?

10.57 Is there a potentially a hierarchical issue with the CDO role?

13.13 Effectively executing on a CDO role.

19.32 Needing a vision in order to hire a CDO but you wouldn’t know what you’re looking for without hiring a CDO in the first place.

22.04 Pete’s experiences in the Dataspace

29.11 The diversity present in a data team.  

31.05 Data as the engine that drives collaboration.

32.18 What’s the potential of data?

37.05 The bigger discussion around organisational structures and data.