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Conducting a data orchestra – Peter Thomas

Peter is an award-winning analytics/ data executive who has held the top data job at either group or divisional levels since 2000.

Peter is a globally recognised expert in data management, analytics, big data, business intelligence, data warehousing and driving business value via technology. His background in maths has equipped with a rigorous and analytical approach to learning skills from the ground up. Peter knows that if you truly want to understand a new topic or tech you cannot skip the fundamentals, something that is all too easy today due to the number of tools at the disposal of a data team.

Using an orchestra as an analogy Peter acts as the conductor and lays out the roles and responsibilities of a Head of Data with Andy on the show.  


Show Notes:

00.37 How do you choose what tool to use for your analytics?

03.04 Are we missing learning the fundamentals of the tech we operate?

08.26 What makes individuals valuable from a data perspective?

11.55 The introduction of the CDO role.  

12.30 Great technical people don’t always make the best managers.

17.23 Managing internal change in a company.

20.42 What are you writing about at the moment?

24.09 Data cannot solve all our problems.

29.23 Executing on your data plan.

32.59 Finding great data talent.  




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