How can I facilitate workplace communication as a Chief Operating Officer – Andrew Graham

In this episode, Andy Davis talks to Andrew Graham, the Chief Operating Officer at Blippar. They talk about dismantling communication barriers in large companies, the COO role and managing your own career progression.  

Andrew Graham is an experienced chief operations officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Financial Services, Technology, Digital marketing, and advertising industry. Andrew is a Strong business development professional skilled in Corporate Finance, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Planning, and Venture Capital.

Show notes:

1.07 Cultural differences between the US & UK.

4.39 Liaising with different departments and people.

7.26 Meetings about meetings? 

9.09 Discussing the role of COO.

12.17 Clarity of vision when working at a high level in a large company.

14.55 C.O.O’s and their role in start-ups.

16.20 Taking a position to add value to a company and learn at the same time.

18.44 Managing your career progression and talking moving companies.

21.28 Discussing people’s approaches to working life when hiring staff.

23.58 Looking at the economic impact of having a broader set of industries contributing to GDP.

25.56 Focusing on a product.

28.30 Seeking out start-ups and small businesses?

32.09 What technologies are excited about?