Building data science teams, moving industries & understanding data ROI – Anthony Channon

Anthony is the Head of Science and Development at Recordsure

Anthony has been at Recordsure for a month. His goal at the company is to expand its data science capabilities in the areas of AI, speech to text technology & language processing. His aim is to bring these technologies closer to Recordsure’s development functions.  

Been at Recordsure for a month. Was brought onto the team to expand its science capabilities around AI, speech to text & language processing and bring these closer to their development functions.

Prior to this role, Anthony was the head of data science at TUI. Before working at TUI, Anthony worked in consulting at BAE systems. He’s been a post-doctoral research fellow and he’s worked at the Ministry of Defence as a data analyst.    

Show Notes:

00.34 Anthony’s background and experiences 

02.04 Moving into different industries with data

02.48 Career routes into data science 

04.52 Moving from analytics to data science 

07.33 The ROI of data science

11.09 Data & analytics tools

14.56 Learning the theory behind data equations 

17.33 Building a data science teams 

20.44 Accepting the marketplace for what it is 

21.57 What projects are happening at Recordsure

25.44  Where to find Recordsure