Artificial intelligence audio software: The future of technology? – Robert Farrell

“They need to carry on building the sense of fun into AI voice software. The more surprises and easter eggs you get from saying things and asking random questions the better. I discovered a couple of months ago you can ask Alexa to give you a round-of-applause or to cheer for you. Things like that will increase the usage and the reliance on the tool” Robert talking about artificial intelligence audio software

Robert is Chief Squads and Service Officer at AND Digital.

Rob is a technology leader with mixed consulting & industry background focusing on true stakeholder engagement in delivering change and technology.

AND Digital

AND Digital accelerates the development of world-class digital capabilities, and they power the product development of ambitious companies – from British Airways and Conde Nast, to The Telegraph, Gousto and more. They work with their clients’ people to build impactful products AND high performing teams. AND Digital blends technical craft and product expertise with an award-winning approach to talent growth and development.


On the show Robert and Andy talk about the increasing role AI and audio software is playing in our lives. They also chat about determining an ROI when using new technologies. Robert tells Andy about his role as a ‘Chief Squads and Service Officer’.

Show Notes   

00.33 Becoming empowered by automation.

02.04 Investing in audio.

04.52 Listening is a vital skill to be successful in business.  

09.14 Elevating manual duties with automation.

12.23 Consuming information in the digital age.

13.55 Where next with voice? Tone and passion?

17.00 Mimicking presidents with AI voice generators.

18.46 Working with large enterprise clients.

23.02 Getting an ROI on new technologies.

25.21 The lack of urgency when developing an ROI on tech.

28.06 Investing in tech without understanding it.

30.45 What does a ‘Chief Squads and service officer’ do?