About Us – IT Recruitment Agency

We do things differently …


We write about things candidates care about. Long-form posts attract new candidates by adding value in a way that differs from the immediacy and brevity of social platforms.


We have collaborated with more than 200 UK tech leaders on our podcast. Tapping into the talent, experience and passion of these individuals helps us to continually grow as a business.


Trustpilot is the UK’s leading third-party review provider. Our reviews help clients make informed decisions. Help us build a better business and make Venturi stand out from the crowd.


We take data protection very seriously and have already prepared for the incoming regulations. Our customer data is protected, handled transparently and is only stored for the purpose it is intended for.


Venturi are proud to receive the following recognition and awards that highlight our standing as a top recruitment agency:

  • Recruitment International’s Top 500
  • The Recruiters Hot 100
  • Mens fastest 50

Customer Success

It only takes one bad experience to ruin a relationship. That’s why our Customer Success Team is dedicated to tailoring our approach to deliver as much value to your business as possible.

Venturi (VIP) Video Interview Platform

Our virtual meeting room is state-of-the-art. It enables our recruiters to adapt to the needs of clients and candidates alike. Having access to video recordings of candidate shortlists makes your job easier.


Saving Money

Vacant positions cost businesses money

Saving Time

Using a recruiter is the best way to find talent efficiently

Maintains/Increases productivity

Filling vacant positions quickly means that your productivity won’t be compromised

Market Knowledge

IT jobs are all we focus on and we excel at it.

Case Study – Cloud


A multi-national leader in storage was stretched thin delivering services to millions of people across the globe.


To find a technical support manager fluent in German with extensive application support experience.


Venturi’s German division shortlisted a group of strong German speaking Candidates who were already in a management role with a background of leading application support teams.


After remaining vacant for several months the support manager position was filled by one of the candidated sourced by Venturi. The additional support helped the business in consistently delivering an outstanding service to customers.

Case Study – Fintech


To continue their rapid growth, a London FinTech company required highly sought after specialists in business intelligence analytics.


To source elite BI developers and engineers who are in high demand and even shorter supply.


Our dedicated BI recruitment consultants tapped into their vast candidate networks to source a number of candidates they felt would be right for the role.


Of the delivered candidates, three stood out and were offered positions at the company. Their combined skill set helped the business identify weak spots in their processes, capture richer data, and identify subtle patterns and trends that improved performance.

Case Study – Ecommerce


An international ecommerce specialist decided to open their first UK operation in London. The client was under pressure to meet a hard deadline.


To quickly source multiple technical and non-technical IT roles.


Venturi delivered quality candidates to the client quickly and efficiently. Assigned consultants worked in close liason with the relevant line managers throughout the entire recruitment process.


Strong candidates were hired and the client comfortably met their deadline. Their London office now houses more than 60 employees, many of whom joined the company as a direct result of Venturi’s recruitment process.