Improve your hiring strategy

Companies of all sizes are struggling to get the right IT skills in the door. Auditing firm KPMG surveyed over 3,000 technology leaders for their 2018 CIO Survey, and found an astonishing 65% said hiring challenges are hurting the industry.


As an IT recruitment agency, we are intimately aware of the difficulties created by the talent shortage. After all, our job is to overcome them. The solution usually lies in moving towards hiring strategies suited to candidate-short markets.


Partnering with Venturi will help you create and maintain a hiring strategy that brings in top tech professionals. Through our consultation service, our clients get one-on-one access to a dedicated hiring strategy consultant.


Our strategy consultants work closely with our research team to deliver relevant hiring analytics and job market insights. Having an in-depth understanding of what’s going on in the market and what qualified candidates are looking for enables our clients to optimise their hiring strategy for those hard-to-fill roles.


What you get:


Hiring Intelligence Reports


Hiring intel reports help our clients save time, money, and hassle during the hiring process. We can deliver tailored candidate and market insights to jump-start a search for top technical talent.


Make more intelligent hiring decisions by gaining insight into:


  • Analysis of the IT job market & the technologies you’re working with or thinking of investing in
  • Other companies actively hiring for similar roles in the same location.
  • Supply vs Demand; Current ratios of ‘total qualified candidates’: available qualified candidates’ and total hiring companies’: available qualified candidates’
  • Average years experience of qualified candidates
  • Diversity statistics within specific technologies
  • Google keyword search volume figures for terms relevant to your vacancy
  • Specific case studies of technical recruitment undertaken for similar clients or similar roles


Salary Benchmarking


Pay naturally rises as the tech field evolves. If your compensation structure doesn’t account for this, it will become virtually impossible to attract strong candidates.


Our salary benchmarking service helps you compare salaries and benefits with your competitors, other industry sectors, and the job market at large. Providing you with a clear and concise breakdown of the available data, thus enabling you to make more informed decisions on salary and benefits within your organisation.


Competitor analysis


To achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in attracting your ideal candidates, you need thorough knowledge of your competition.


Our research team can provide insight on growth patterns, market trends, business that are restructuring, and competitors that are gaining market share quicker than you. Our competitor analysis service will provide you with the following:


  • An understanding of how potential hires rate the competition.
  • Headcount growth within the IT division of your main competitors from the previous (a) 6 months, (b) 12 months, and (c) 24 months
  • A summary of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in the job market.
  • The information required to develop effective and competitive hiring strategies.