Enhance your brand awareness


The value of the employer brand is becoming increasingly important. Savvy candidates are now researching companies online when considering whether to apply. Indeed, a recent survey from Glassdoor revealed that 40% of candidates are more likely to put in an application if they feel familiar with the company brand.


Alongside traditional job board advertising, Venturi can offer much more when it comes to showing off your company brand and ethos to candidates. We invest significant time and effort into content marketing, SEO, and community building. Our clients can leverage our media platforms and online presence to outline what makes them unique and why they’d be a great employer.


What you get:



The SEO strategy built by our marketing team helps you attract more candidates. Venturi now rank on the first page of Google for more than 20 keywords related to technical recruitment. This means we receive more qualified CV submissions than other agencies. Also, when candidates arrive at our site through a Google search, our blog and podcast content gives them an engaging reason to return again in future. Keeping strong passive candidates engaged in this way means when the time comes to find a new role, Venturi is the first agency that comes to mind.


Media Platforms


Having a current employee appear as a guest on our podcast gives potential hires an intimate look into daily life at your company. Listening to a relaxed and informal conversation with a member of staff who embodies your company’s values builds familiarity with your brand in a way few other mediums can. Client podcasts also serve as a valuable tool in our recruitment process. To give a more complete picture of your organisation, we can send your podcast out to candidates alongside your job description. In addition, as Venturi’s Voice averages around 25,000 Soundcloud per month, it’s a great way to build brand exposure in the wider candidate market.


Collaborating with Venturi on our blog enables you to present yourself as an industry thought leader to prospective candidates. Our marketing team work closely with clients to create high-quality written content that draws attention to the most interesting projects and initiatives within their organisation. Such articles serve as another effective tool our consultants can use when engaging with candidates on your behalf.  

Slack community

Venturi’s Voice Slack community serves as a place where candidates can react and engage with our content as well as share their own thoughts, opinions, and articles with us. Spurred on by our popular ‘Ask Me Anything’ events with tech thought leaders, our Slack community has become a thriving hub of discussion and candidate engagement. Our consultants also use Slack as a platform for professional development. By staying active in relevant communities they are able to educate themselves on their technical markets and make connections with strong candidates who are otherwise hard to reach.  

Social media

We use our LinkedIn page to interact with candidates and share helpful content – providing information, tips, and advice. Our consultants also post weekly coding challenges on LinkedIn and run competitions to drive candidate engagement and further expand their own networks.


Allocated paid advertising budget


With the high-volume noise and distractions competing for attention online, we boost the effectiveness of our content marketing with paid promotional campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn. Our paid advertising budget ensures content created in collaboration with our clients is discovered by the right audience at scale. Casting a wide net is vital in candidate short markets.