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The Prevalence of Imposter Syndrome in Tech | Anika Sierk

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Anika Sierk is Lead Data Scientist at Unmind with a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience/Psychology. Unmind is a London-based startup that empowers organisations and employees to measurably improve their mental wellbeing.

Their data science team draws actionable insights and valuable information through the application of data mining techniques, predictive models and other related methods to better understand their users' behaviour and to drive change and improvements across the platform.

Anika's background lies in research and holds extensive experience in data analysis and statistical inference through conducting research projects in London (UCL), Berlin (Charité), Cologne (Max Planck), and New York (CUNY).

During the podcast episode, Ben sits down with Anika to discuss Anika's career in data, what it was like moving into a team lead role after just 18 months, imposter syndrome and how to overcome it, and the resources Anika relies on to stay ahead of the curve in the data space.

The SoundCloud Link to the episode is HERE.