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Using Tech to Make Real, Positive Change @ Difrent | Rachel Murphy

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Rachel Murphy is the CEO at Difrent, a professional services partner to ‘tech for good’ organisations delivering business efficiencies by challenging the status quo for tech-enabled business transformation and Difrent has recently been recognised as overall winner of the Leading Healthcare Awards 2021.

Rachel also led the transformation programme of all patient facing, self-care and prevention activities within the Paperless 2020 Programme in the NHS, a £270m digital transformation of all patient-facing services across the NHS.

Rachel has an exceptional record defining and executing strategy at top level to deliver change, improve performance and ensure first-class digital/technology services and solutions for blue-chip organisations across multiple sectors.

During the podcast episode, Ben sat down with Rachel to discuss the motivation to start Difrent, her journey within the NHS to then building and selling Difrent. They also touched upon a new business Rachel is advising which is bringing cutting-edge technology in the fight against COVID 19.