Diversity and Inclusion Handbook


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When it comes to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace, many teams don’t know where to begin. It’s easy to commit to in writing, but it’s much harder to make

concrete improvements to your company culture and recruiting practices. This handbook contains simple strategies that can be immediately implemented to help

teams start making visible progress today. After helping hundreds of companies improve and refine their D&I initiatives, our team at Venturi have established what works and what doesn’t.

Read our Handbook and uncover tips to help you:

  • Set measurable, achievable diversity goals
  • Establish fair compensation practices
  • Diversify your candidate pipeline
  • Embed D&I initiatives into your onboarding process
  • Help raise awareness around D&I

The guide includes more than 20+ fresh ideas on how to engender diversity and inclusion in your workplace. It also features our D&I podcast series

with actionable insights from notable thought leaders in the space.

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