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How corporates and start-ups can collaborate successfully | Oliver Cox @ EBI.AI

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Oliver Cox is CTO and Chief Architect at EBI.AI

An experienced and skilled technical leader with a proven track record in developing and implementing software solutions. Oliver has extensive experience of leading development teams in the delivery software projects and providing technical consultation on product development.

Oliver is a supporter of cloud technologies, advocating the benefits of software and platform as a service and providing guidance on implementation. Focused in recent years on cognitive computing , machine learning and natural language processing Oliver helps businesses to design and build intelligent solutions.

EBI.AI is a platform that makes AI and your job easier. You can buy and build your AI assistant with EBI.AI helping to steer it.

During this podcast episode, Ben sits down with Oliver to discuss the realities of working for a startup that exists within a large corporation. As well as Olly's leadership style and the biggest learnings on his career journey.