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Steve Pimblett | Chief Data Officer @ The Very Group & DataIQ 100 top 10!

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Steve Pimblett is Chief Data Officer at The Very Group, and is in the DataIQ 2022 top ten!!

Their purpose at Veryis to “Make good things easily accessible to more people”. They do this by delivering leading brands and products to our customers; providing flexible payment plans and financial services; and enabling high levels of personalisation and ease of use.

Their data (“DNA”) mission underpinning this allows us to “delight customers and empower colleagues with trusted data products and services”.

It was an absolute honour to speak with Steve on the podcast, as one of the most influential people in data we opened up a great conversation around how The Very Group uses data to better serve their customers by extracting the true value of the data to forensically understand the customers' needs and demands.

We also spoke about the scale of the data landscape and their mission, how surfacing new channel data to marketing teams can drive value, and how demand forecasting helps improve customer experience and maximise revenue.