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CTO Stories: Building the Circl App from Concept to Completion | Mark Quinn

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Mark Quinn is CTO and Co-Founder of Circl 

Circl was developed in an effort to change the way bettors engage with sports and wagering: the game allows up to 10 users to play against each other to win a pool of money deposited beforehand by the group.

The gaming mechanism is based on a series of real-time events occurring during the match, which are given their own scoring system. Thus, the pot of money moves around the Circl as the event goes on, instead of being awarded solely based on the final outcome.

During this podcast episode, Ben sits down with Mark to chat about the Circl App, how the initial concept was formed and offers advice to anyone building an app and bringing it to market, as well as discussing some of the unforeseen challenges Mark and his team have overcome over the past 18 months.

Get your Circl in by downloading the app here:

Mark is on the lookout for engineers to join Circl, so if you're looking to join a cutting-edge, fully remote start-up, get in touch!