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The Future of Artificial Intelligence & Healthcare @ Dem Dx | Lorin Gresser

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Lorin Gresser is CEO of Dem Dx, an award-winning AI healthcare company based in London. The company’s CE certified clinical diagnostic platform, developed in consultation with over 200 medical experts, enables frontline practitioners to diagnose, identify necessary tests and present recommendations for further care before the patient sees a doctor.

As a mature medical student, Lorin struggled to link the theoretical teaching from her textbooks and lectures to the actual patients she saw in clinic or on the wards. Their founding principle remains to better connect healthcare workers to the high-quality medical information that they require.

The Dem Dx platform is 22% more accurate than Harvard-trained junior doctors, delivers 85% accuracy at first diagnosis, and reduces time to diagnose by 40%.

During this podcast episode, we spoke about some of the amazing and innovative advancements of AI and healthcare, with Dem Dx positioning itself ahead of the curve. We also spoke about Lorin's leap into technology after her career in healthcare.