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Making an entire company more data-driven @ Fashionette AG

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I sat down with Maximilian Nierhoff, Head of Business Intelligence at Fashionette AG and Ann-Christin Werner, Business Intelligence Analyst at Fashionette AG, to find out the development of the business, how they have recently made the whole company data-driven, some of the benefits of this and how they have created an assistance framework for self-service analytics.

Fashionette AG operates an online retail store. The Company offers fashion accessories such as designer bags, shoes, and accessories, as well as sunglasses, watches, and jewelry. It's now the leading online store for designer handbags in Germany, since its foundation in 2008.


0:55 - What Fashionette is, and how they fit into the world of technology.

2:05 - An introduction to Maximilian and Ann-Christin.

8:22 - The utilization of data to grow a business and some of the methods to implement this.

10:14 - What self-service analytics means at Fashionette, and why they have considered self-service analytics to be one of the most important building blocks to becoming a data-driven company.

12:55 - Defining data sets and their content, and then providing these data sets.

14:00 - How they have built meaningful and widely useable data sets.

19:40 - The insight into the assistance framework at Fashionette.

22:00 - The feedback of the real-use of the framework within the business.