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How to Build a Strong Career in Tech | Thiago Ghisi

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Thiago Ghisi is an Engineering Director based in New York City.

He has 15+ years of experience in Software Development, passing in corporations and startups in Brazil and the US, working as a Software Engineer, QA, Product Manager, Consultant across a wide variety of domains and technologies, and more recently as Engineering Manager in the Mobile Space.

In 2007, he stumbled upon Extreme Programming and since then has focused on learning, applying, and sharing processes and practices of Agile & Lean. Thiago is fascinated by creating environments where cross-functional teams can innovate and consistently deliver valuable, high-quality software reliably using solid engineering practices.

Ultimate Career Vision: Finding Practical, Cutting-Edge Applications for Abstract Innovative Ideas through Data Analysis and Collaboration with Diverse Open-Minded Teams. A mix of creativity & innovation & incremental improvement with efficiency & productivity.

During the podcast episode, we spoke about how Thiago has navigated his career in tech, what it looks like to have a strong career in tech, how to level up in your career and continue to progress in the industry. As well as pitfalls to look out for and advice from Thiago.​