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Sam Stewart
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Sam Stewart

Recruitment Consultant UK

​I've been with Venturi since March 2021. Previously worked in the fitness industry as a (freelance) Personal Trainer for 10 years, though was struggling to feel challenged by that role after a while and was eager to find something that I could push myself in and increase my quality of life at the same time for my future.

During the first lockdown, I was able to really sit back and think about my next career path and what direction I wanted to move. Given the fact I had built a freelance business for myself by speaking confidently with potential clients, discovering their needs and partnering that with the expertise I had for their benefit, I wanted to transfer those skills into a more business-focused role where I could unlock an earning potential which was directly related to how hard I work… Thus, I took my first step into recruitment and haven’t looked back since.

I had a previous role at a Recruitment site which sold me the dream, but I handed my notice in 3 months later due to a hostile environment. After this I knew I didn’t want to give up on recruitment though became very thorough on the next place I chose to work. After multiple interviews and offers for other agencies, the one which stood out the most was Venturi. Due to its warmth during interview, its culture, team collaboration, outstanding L&D program and its nurture ethos, I knew this would be an opportunity I would forever regret not taking.

I’m motivated by my foresight of one day being a leader to a team of my own. But mostly, the thought of being able to provide a stable and enjoyable life for my future family.

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