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Isaac Downes
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Isaac Downes

Software Team Lead - Germany

​I've been with Venturi since April 2022, I fell into recruitment by accident. Whilst previously working at a call centre they made reductions and capped the amount of commission that someone could earn. I had heard of Venturi before and decided to go for an interview with them, here I got to understand the role in a lot more detail and it sounded exciting. Now 5 years on, I still enjoy the uncapped commission structure but the thing I love the most is networking with highly trained professionals and finding them new careers with amazing businesses.

When I interviewed with Venturi I noticed that the longevity of people here was high compared to other companies. This was a big indicator of the culture. I interviewed with them and was immediately drawn to the warmth of the people and my choice to join was solidified once I met with the leadership team and once I saw the value proposition Venturi has. I've been encouraged and backed to try new things and explore avenues that I had wanted to previously but couldn't. With the backing and belief of the business, I now know that it's always about the output rather than the end result which is highly reassuring and enables me to replicate this when mentoring new people.

I used to be all about the money. This is still very important to me but as a father of three now it's more about the flexibility I receive to strike the balance of a good home/work life. My goal now is to be present for my children whilst delivering a great experience to my candidates, clients and colleagues.

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