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Frank DeLeo
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Frank DeLeo

Recruitment Consultant USA

I had never thought about recruitment as a career until I applied for this role with Venturi. Ultimately I was just looking for a way out of the mortgage industry and into a new sales role. I would say two things drew me to this career:

1. As someone who's bounced around from Door to Door Sales, Business to Business Sales, and Mortgage Sales, I know how stressful a job change could be. Making someone's life easier and less stressful by helping them find their next role is pretty rewarding.

2. As cliché as this sounds, I was looking up articles about recruitment on my train ride into the city going to my final interview. One of the articles I read was "I didn't find recruitment, recruitment found me." My life has been a case study for "everything happens for a reason" and I thought that this opportunity was one of those times.

Throughout the interview process, I continuously came across people that I can see myself working with for a long time. The mantra of "Putting People First" starts with having people who will live by that code. Additionally, being that I was actively seeking a new career, I interviewed with some companies that I could immediately tell I would be a number to fill a headcount there. With Venturi, I knew that they wanted to bring me on as a person who can help the company grow.

The best answer I could've heard in my interview was "Our team is small right now because we wanted to ensure we had the right core of people in place before we expanded." That was the moment I knew this was the right company for me because they were growing the right way. P.S. Big shout out to Priya, who was my recruiter the whole way through and continuously set me up for success throughout the interview process and made me feel incredibly welcome!

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