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Ed Brooker
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Ed Brooker

Senior Recruitment Consultant USA

​I joined the Venturi group in September 2017, I wanted the opportunity to use my sales skills and interact with people face to face. I had heard about the industry through a family friend which made me curious to explore opportunities in recruitment. I chose Venturi because of the people, warm culture and interview process that drew me in over the other companies I was talking with at the time. The fact that so many of the first employees were/are still with the company.

I am motivated by my team -- If they're firing on all cylinders, pulling new clients, placing world-class engineers and getting promoted themselves this is what I love to see. It motivates me to do more, be better and push myself day in and day out. I was also asked to come to the US as one of the founding consultants. It was a huge (positive) step in my career and personal life to move to New York. It's something I cannot thank Venturi enough for.

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