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Charlotte Koniosis

Charlotte Koniosis
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Charlotte Koniosis

Recruitment Consultant USA

​I joined Venturi in October 2021. I wanted a career in recruitment because the possibilities for career growth are endless, I am able to dictate how much money I make. But also contributing to clients' and candidates' career goals is very rewarding. The fast-paced environment in all recruiting positions keeps me on my toes which contributes to staying motivated. Choosing Venturi was easy, every individual that I've met with during the interview process had expressed genuine interest in my goals and me as a person. They give you every tool you need to be successful, management is always there if you need it and will do everything they can to ensure individual success and happiness.

I wasn't 100% sure about recruitment as a career. My past experiences didn't give me every tool needed to be successful. Working here has given me clarity in what I want out of recruitment as a career path, it's not just Sales, it's business development and being able to hold relationships with people even after placing them. The best part is the complete transparency between managers and team members. The level of respect shown for each individual has allowed bonds to be created that are genuine. I trust my team completely and I am never hesitant to ask for help or assistance. People thrive off each other's success all around!

My proudest moment at Venturi so far was getting a candidate a significantly higher salary than he was expecting at one of the largest financial institutions in the world. He sold himself short and wasn't the most confident, This also helped him realize his worth and what he can contribute to JP Morgan. Working with us his entire outlook on himself changed.

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