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Basil Vlack
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Basil Vlack

Recruitment Consultant USA

For most of my life I've had a career in sales which I've loved however, I've always felt something was missing. There isn't much of a relationship after you make the sale but with recruitment, you constantly stay in touch with candidates and clients and build long-lasting friendships and relationships. From the moment that I myself was recruited for Venturi, I felt as if I was valued and needed. From day one in the office to now, everyone has been extremely kind and friendly. I've had jobs that I've enjoyed in the past but I've never woken up excited or not been disappointed with the weekend ending before.

I've gone from always waiting for the weekend to being excited for the weekend to end so I could get back to work. My writing, attention to detail, conversational pattern and organizational skills have all improved in such a short period of time. I feel comfortable that Venturi is a place where I'd like to work at forever and grow as the company does. From day one, the training at Venturi is absolutely brilliant. Despite the training leader being in the UK and zooming with the trainees, I never once felt bored. The training, in general, was extremely engaging and you come out of it feeling as if you have a wealth of knowledge.

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