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Alex Hopwood
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Alex Hopwood

Recruitment Consultant UK

​I joined the Venturi team in June 2021, I previously had a sales job but I wasn't feeling satisfied with my career progression options. I knew I wanted to stay in a similar role but with better options which is why I decided on recruitment. After interviewing at Venturi I knew that the culture was the right fit for me.

The training here has been incredible, they have been hands-on when needed but also given me the freedom to do it myself. My confidence has grown massively since starting, I can actively see my skills improving each month. Venturi being such a social workspace has given me the confidence that I have made the right choice for my career, knowing I am coming in to work with such supportive people makes everything worthwhile.

My career journey hasn't always been easy. As with most jobs, there are bad weeks where you feel like nothing is going right, but I am proud of myself for sticking with it and getting through those times, coming out on the other end and thriving in my role feels amazing. Plus, it's great working with such a nice team and having Cara as a Team Lead, she is a real inspiration to me. I am motivated by my own career progression, with Venturi the possibilities are endless.

When I'm not at work I enjoy going to the gym and relaxing with a drink.

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