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What is A Training Needs Analysis and How Do You Perform One?

Training Needs Analysis The majority of candidates don’t change jobs because of their boss. Or because their work is too difficult. Or even because they feel they aren’t paid enough.  No, according to Linkedin, the main reason people leave their jobs is because of lack of advancement and development.  InRead full article

Employee Retention – Keeping Your Best Talent

Employee Retention – Keeping Your Best Talent The value of retaining a current customer as opposed to investing resources into discovering new ones is widely known and understood.  The same, however, can’t be said for internal recruiting. It’s time we understood that the recruitment process shouldn’t end with the hire. Read full article

Technical Interview Advice for Candidates

Technical Interview Advice for Candidates Interviews, in general, can be daunting experiences. Technical interviews take that anxiety to the next level because they’re a make or break moment in the tech recruitment process.  The only way to get around this anxiety is to prepare yourself. Removing unknowns will fill youRead full article

18 Technical Interview Questions for an IT role.

18 Technical Interview Questions for an IT role. Most hiring managers will know that good technical interview questions will help identify more than a candidate’s qualifications and technical suitability to the role. And a good technical interview is an important cog in an effective recruitment process.  Softskills, initiative, and driveRead full article

IR35 Reasonable Care For Hiring Managers

What is IR35?  IR35 is a set of tax laws designed to figure out whether a contractor is genuine or operating as a disguised employee and avoiding tax.  That’s it in a very loose nutshell.  What’s Changing? Up until the proposed changes come to pass, the contractors themselves have beenRead full article

How to Write A Job Description in 2019

How to Write A Job Description in 2019. Hiring great talent starts with attracting the right talent. So writing a job description that is effective, engaging, and inclusive is key.  With a little upfront effort, you can significantly improve your job descriptions to bring a wide range of highly talentedRead full article

Reducing Tech Talent Turnover

Reducing Tech Talent Turnover In a recent LinkedIn study it was found that technology (software) had the highest turnover rate of any other industry, beating both retail and telecommunications. That’s some serious tech talent turnover.  The root cause for this high turnover rate is likely down to high demand andRead full article

The IR35 Enquiry Process For Hiring Managers

There is a vast amount of information out there for protecting yourself from an IR35 enquiry – but what if, despite your best efforts, an enquiry against one of your contractors is launched.  What should you, as a hiring manager, expect from the IR35 Enquiry Process? What’s important to noteRead full article

The IR35 Tests Hiring Managers Need to Know About

Hiring Managers: the rules around hiring contractors are changing.  You are now responsible for determining their status inside or outside of IR35 and paying any fees necessary. Failure to do so may result in some nasty intervention from HMRC and a hefty tax bill.  So, to help we’re bringing togetherRead full article

Recruiting Tools for Hiring Technical Staff

The recruiting game has always been a challenging one – especially when you’re already spinning a bunch of other plates.  All the more reason you’d want to make the process of finding new candidates as easy as possible.  That’s where recruiting tools come into play.  Technology in Recruiting Technology isRead full article