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15 signs you just aced your job interview

  6 MINUTE READ   We’ve all been there. You’ve finished your job interview and you’re not sure how you’ve performed. You’re anxious. You want to find out if you’ve got the job. Fortunately there are plenty of signs you can look for to help you know whether you’ve gotRead full article

5 recruiting challenges in today’s economy

  5 MINUTE READ   UK job vacancies have been steadily on the rise. In February 2019 there were over 846000 listed vacant positions, with more probably unaccounted for. Growth hasn’t been even across all sectors though. For example, the boom in demand for tech professionals has caused a significantRead full article

Tech hiring: 3 rules for a winning candidate experience

  5 MINUTE READ   In tech hiring, attracting talent to your business is only half the story. Once you’ve found potential candidates to fill the vacancy, next you need to make sure you do what you can to create positive subjective experiences during the hiring process.   After all,Read full article

What does ‘always-on’ mean for software development?

  Guest author James Wilson is Customer Success Director at Diffblue with over 15 years of experience in testing, QA, and product development in organizations ranging from startups to global companies.   5 MINUTE READ   Access to work has never been easier. Wind back the clock a decade or soRead full article

23 helpful IT resources for technical managers

  7 MINUTE READ   To say there are a lot of IT resources out there is an understatement.   The internet is awash with them. Whatever technical problem you’re trying to solve, you can guarantee there are a whole host of free tools and resources intended to make yourRead full article