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AMA Highlights with Peter Donlon, CTO at Moonpig

  Peter Donlon, CTO of Moonpig joined the Venturi Slack community on the 28th of June to host our latest ‘ask me anything’ event. Peter is a seasoned CTO with many years of experience facilitating digital transformations and expanding company operations across many sectors.  Below are the highlights from theRead full article

Balancing budget with cyber security

  8 MINUTE READ   The potential threat of cybercrime is rising fast. According to a study conducted by Bromium during the final quarter of 2018, the UK was stung by 140% more cyber-attacks than the previous year. This spike in malicious activity also caused nearly 40% of SMEs inRead full article

How to calculate employee turnover rate

  5 MINUTE READ   A company can be likened to filling up a leaky bucket with water. Though you add water to the bucket, some is always dripping from the bottom. Similarly, when new employees arrive at a company, it’s only a matter of time before a handful ofRead full article

15 signs you just aced your job interview

  6 MINUTE READ   We’ve all been there. You’ve finished your job interview and you’re not sure how you’ve performed. You’re anxious. You want to find out if you’ve got the job. Fortunately there are plenty of signs you can look for to help you know whether you’ve gotRead full article

5 recruiting challenges in today’s economy

  5 MINUTE READ   UK job vacancies have been steadily on the rise. In February 2019 there were over 846000 listed vacant positions, with more probably unaccounted for. Growth hasn’t been even across all sectors though. For example, the boom in demand for tech professionals has caused a significantRead full article

Tech hiring: 3 rules for a winning candidate experience

  5 MINUTE READ   In tech hiring, attracting talent to your business is only half the story. Once you’ve found potential candidates to fill the vacancy, next you need to make sure you do what you can to create positive subjective experiences during the hiring process.   After all,Read full article