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5 ways technology is transforming the recruitment industry

  5 MINUTE READ   Technology is being used to transform almost every aspect of the recruitment process – from identifying jobs and sourcing CVs through to carrying out background checks and interviewing people. Social, mobile, analytics and cloud-based technologies have taken recruitment from a desk and paper-based activity andRead full article

How to get noticed by IT recruitment agencies

  4 MINUTE READ   According a recent Tech Nation report, the UK tech sector is growing 2.6 times faster than the overall economy. London was ranked the second most connected place for tech behind Silicon Valley in the US.   So if you’re hoping to take advantage of thisRead full article

Ask Me Anything Highlights: Derek Wise

  7 MINUTE READ   Derek Wise (CTO at Grapeshot & VP Technology at Oracle Data Cloud) joined us in Venturi’s Voice Slack on August 17 to host an ‘Ask Me Anything’.   Questions for Derek covered a wide range of topics – morning routines, building successful tech teams, predictedRead full article

A guide to getting a UK visa for IT jobs

  5 MINUTE READ   If you are outside of the EU, you will need a visa to work in the UK IT sector. For the time being, EU nationals can apply for jobs in the UK without needing a visa, however, this could change following the negotiated outcomes ofRead full article

How the UK skills shortage affects IT recruitment agencies

  7 MINUTE READ   With the ongoing skills shortage in the UK, IT recruitment agencies are having to rethink their tactics in order to attract the most in-demand tech professionals on the market. With qualified candidates becoming increasingly hard to find, IT recruiters are now under greater pressure toRead full article

Debunking 5 common myths about IT recruitment agencies

  6 MINUTE READ   Many companies choose not to work with tech recruiters for one simple reason – they’ve bought into some of the common myths about IT recruitment agencies.   If you’ve been putting off working with an agency, it’s worth examining whether your ideas about how theyRead full article

5 essentials for your IT contractor CV

  4 MINUTE READ   A brilliant CV will significantly boost your chances of making the shortlist and landing the job. However, CVs can sometimes be hard to perfect, especially when you want to stand out from the crowd.   What’s more, when you’re applying to contractor roles your CVRead full article