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How to improve the performance of software development teams

    5 MINUTE READ   No matter what industry you’re in, it’s always a challenge maintaining consistently high levels of productivity. There are always ups and downs. When it comes to software development teams, you’ll have to deal with troublesome bugs in code, and other unforeseen problems. Any ofRead full article

Writing a job description: 7 tips to grab attention

  6 MINUTE READ   Hiring great talent starts with attracting the right talent. So writing a job description that is effective, engaging, and inclusive is key.  With a little upfront effort, you can significantly improve your job descriptions to bring a wide range of highly talented candidates into your pipeline.  Read full article

Working with Erlang: Q&A with Marcus Kern, CEO of CFT Group

    4 MINUTE READ   Compared to other programming languages, Erlang isn’t that popular. But the language has recently been gaining traction with those who wish to build highly reliable and scalable services.   While everyone would like to have those aspects, fewer people are willing to invest theRead full article

4 reasons you should consider hiring remote software developers

    5 MINUTE READ   Many people have reservations about hiring remote software developers. These include things like:   Failures of communication around processes, expectations, and deadlines Difficulties building trust Managing remote developers requires a completely different management style Cross-cultural conflicts and miscommunications   These are legitimate concerns. WhenRead full article

Q&A: Hiring for attitude with Ben Foster

      4 MINUTE READ   Scaling a business is never a straightforward task. There are always a multitude of operational issues to address. However, of the numerous challenges facing growing SMEs, the hiring (or firing) of staff is one of the toughest. It has the potential to makeRead full article

CV writing for tech professionals: The dos and don’ts

  5 MINUTE READ   Guest author Chris Hart has more than ten years experience in the recruitment industry. He is the creator of ‘The Recruiter Index’ – a source straightforward and honest advice for recruiters seeking to up their game. If you would like to contribute to The RecruiterRead full article

What makes a good IT recruitment consultant?

    5 MINUTE READ   As an IT recruitment agency we are often asked what makes a successful IT recruitment consultant. While there is some variation depending on market sub-sector (software development, data, cyber security etc.) there are several key characteristics and traits which are common across the board.Read full article

Recruitment strategy: Creating a data-driven hiring process

      6 MINUTE READ   Recruitment strategy looked quite different before the internet. Think bulletin boards and newspaper ads. But in the mid 1990s recruitment changed forever with the arrival of online job boards such as Indeed and Monster.  Candidates could easily apply for jobs and employers hadRead full article

Transforming employee onboarding with Virtual Reality training

  5 MINUTE READ   Onboarding can be a long, tedious process. Hours spent on paperwork, going through monotonous orientation programs, and reviewing company policies don’t exactly spark excitement and motivation in new hires.   But with significant improvements in Virtual Reality (VR) training technology, some employee onboarding processes haveRead full article