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Predicting startup success: Q&A with Antoine Baschiera

  5 MINUTE READ   Despite being exciting and endlessly stimulating, setting up a business and trying to meet milestones can certainly be overwhelming. For this reason, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.   With more than 2,000 startups rated to date, Early Metrics has collected aRead full article

How AI is changing recruitment

  6 MINUTE READ   Artificial intelligence (AI), refers to computers being able to perform tasks usually carried out by humans to a high standard. It incorporates vocal and visual recognition, decision making, and translating language.   Artificial intelligence has been in the news a great deal, due to fearsRead full article

Becoming a data driven organisation: Q&A with Helen Mannion

  6 MINUTE READ   Many conversations about data and analytics start by focusing on technology. Obviously having the right tools is crucial. But too often, decision makers overlook or underestimate the significance of the people and organisational components needed to build a successful data and analytics strategy.   WhenRead full article

Ask Me Anything Highlights: Pete Heard

  6 MINUTE READ   Pete Heard, (Founder of Logic Room) joined us in Venturi’s Voice Slack on October 19 to host an ‘Ask Me Anything’.   Questions for Pete covered a broad range of topics including how to measure team efficiency, agile adoption in organisations that are ‘behind theRead full article

A guide to leading and working in distributed teams

  Guest author Anna Szwemin is a Senior Software Engineer and a Team Lead at Conversocial, a company that helps businesses manage customer service over social and messaging channels, at a large scale.      13 MINUTE READ   Some say flexible and remote working is the future. In a worldRead full article

The ideal length for Data and BI CVs

  5 MINUTE READ   How long should my resume be? What is the ideal CV length? As recruiters, these are questions we often get asked.   One of our guest bloggers Chris Hart recently wrote us an article on a similar subject: dos and don’ts for tech CV writing.Read full article

Ask Me Anything Highlights: Rashi Khurana

  6 MINUTE READ   Rashi Khurana (Director of Engineering @ Shutterstock) joined us in Venturi’s Voice Slack Community on September 21 to host an ‘Ask Me Anything’.   Questions for Rashi covered a wide range of topics – diversity in tech, reforming the education system, optimising supporting documentation, adviceRead full article

How radical transparency can boost team performance

  7 MINUTE READ   Guest author Helen Walton is a founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Gamevy, a games company building real-money games and with offices in London, Newcastle, Berlin and Bilbao. The 50 employees work with a flat, no-bosses structure and radical transparency.     It’s really obviousRead full article

Why decision makers need to take web sustainability seriously

  6 MINUTE READ   Guest author Tom Greenwood is Managing Director at Wholegrain Digital –  a specialist digital design and WordPress agency based in London and focused on creating sustainable and accessible online experiences for positive organisations. Tom is a designer and environmentalist who believes that design, tech andRead full article