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Imposter Syndrome: You are not alone!

  5 MINUTE READ   Guest author Peter Soer is the founder of Bravely Honestly Generously Coaching. They provide tailored coaching and mentoring to help individuals succeed at key moments in their career, building sustainable behaviours that increase future success.   Do you…   Work harder than the rest toRead full article

The pros and cons of flexible working

  5 MINUTE READ   Jennifer Jones Newbill, Director of Global Employment Brand at Dell, concisely expressed why flexible working arrangements are experiencing such a surge in popularity:   “Our employees have told us time and time again that they appreciate being treated like adults. They like to self-monitor, andRead full article

4 things to consider before introducing flexible working

  5 MINUTE READ   The introduction of flexible working legislation in the UK in 2014 sparked a significant shift in employee working patterns. The new requirement states:   All UK employees now have the right to make a statutory application for flexible working once they have been employed forRead full article

6 different types of flexible working

  5 MINUTE READ   Flexible working has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. A quick Google of ‘flexible working advantages’ returns 84m results. With potential for increased profits, happier, more productive employees, and reputation that candidates are drawn to, it’s not hard to see what all the fussRead full article

43 helpful performance review phrases

  5 MINUTE READ Performance reviews provide a great opportunity for HR professionals and managers to formally recognise excellent performance from their team members. It’s worth remembering that a simple thank you can have a huge impact on motivation and morale. However, things can get tricky when dealing with employeesRead full article

How to do a performance review: A step by step guide

  7 MINUTE READ   Many managers dread performance review season. If you have years of experience, it may feel like you’re simply going through the motions. Doing the same old routine year after year. Call each member of your team into a meeting room for a one-on-one, hand themRead full article

9 tried and tested performance review tips

  10 MINUTE READ   Interested in tips to get the most out of performance reviews at your organisation? While each company conducts performance reviews in their own unique way, universal principles exist about how to talk to an employee about their performance.   These tips are not exclusive toRead full article

Predicting startup success: Q&A with Antoine Baschiera

  5 MINUTE READ   Despite being exciting and endlessly stimulating, setting up a business and trying to meet milestones can certainly be overwhelming. For this reason, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.   With more than 2,000 startups rated to date, Early Metrics has collected aRead full article

How AI is changing recruitment

  6 MINUTE READ   Artificial intelligence (AI), refers to computers being able to perform tasks usually carried out by humans to a high standard. It incorporates vocal and visual recognition, decision making, and translating language.   Artificial intelligence has been in the news a great deal, due to fearsRead full article