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Top 10 in-demand programming languages

  6 MINUTE READ   Trying to figure out what today’s most in-demand programming languages are is no easy task. With the tech industry expanding at an unprecedented rate, it seems like trends in programming languages change as much as trends on the high-street. Today, there are over 600 programmingRead full article

9 tell-tale signs of a bad staffing agency

  7 MINUTE READ   The staffing agency industry is notorious for having some less than desirable qualities. Annoying recruitment techniques like cold-calling and spam emails have turned certain employers and candidates away from staffing agencies completely.   Aggressive sales tactics have been grating on the nerves of candidates andRead full article

The pros and cons of using staffing agencies

  6 MINUTE READ   The staffing industry in the US is growing rapidly and shows no signs of stopping.   According to Statista in 2017 in the US, the staffing industry employed over 15.5 million people and had an estimated value of more than $466 billion. It is clearRead full article

8 Best Staffing Agencies in NYC (2019)

  5 MINUTE READ   In today’s busy job climate there are many staffing agencies in NYC. But it can be hard to choose the right one for you. This article will give you an overview of some of the best staffing agencies NYC has to offer to help youRead full article

6 tips for more effective tech recruitment

  7 MINUTE READ   Tech recruitment is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge for businesses everywhere. The supply of qualified candidates now falls way below demand. In fact, there are currently an estimated 600,000 vacancies in digital technology across the UK, costing the economy £63 billion a year. And thereRead full article

5 tips for moving into IT management

  5 MINUTE READ   Moving from techie to IT management may well be one of the hardest transitions in your career. It demands a fundamental shift in the way you approach work. You’ll need to embrace new responsibilities, new ways of relating to co-workers, and new ways of lookingRead full article

AMA Highlights: The 5x reason you need a mentor

  Nick Westall, CTO at CACI, joined us in Venturi’s Voice Slack on the 28th of March to host an ‘Ask Me Anything’.   A seasoned mentor both in the tech sector and via mentoring programs at the Open University Business School and Toastmasters Nick was happy to answer questionsRead full article

The Agile Development Team: Who does what?

  6 MINUTE READ   What does an Agile development team look like? Who’s involved? How does the process work?   To fully understand how to build an Agile development team, it’s often best to go back to basics. So let’s first get a grip on the concept of AgileRead full article

Software Engineer vs Software Developer

  7 MINUTE READ   When recruiting for technical roles, particulars matter. The difference between a software engineer vs software developer is subtle. Indeed, the line between the two can blur easily. So to better understand the distinction let’s first examine the main focus of each role.   Software EngineerRead full article