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Big Data for Humans: Why Data Visualisation is Important

  8 MINUTE READ   The phrase “Big Data is the future” is now used so often that it has become a cliché within the tech world. However, this oft-repeated soundbite doesn’t give many clues as to how Big Data will actually exert its influence in the marketplace. Oftentimes, it’s dataRead full article

Cyber security training: 6 things staff should learn

  8 MINUTE READ   As new security threats emerge every day, businesses need to be strategic and proactive in their approach to cyber security training. All staff should be equipped with the information they need to make wise decisions in areas which are fundamental to upholding security.   Unfortunately,Read full article

Q&A: Data & Analytics with Omar Khan

The world of data is constantly changing – What tips do you have to keep up to date and not get left behind?  Data is at the epicentre to decision making in today’s world. It’s a cold fact, but data is helping us make the world a better place. ThereRead full article

Fastest 50 Company

  Yesterday the businesses who have made it into the Ward Hadaway Greater Manchester Fastest 50 2017 were revealed and Venturi were featured for the 2nd year running. The Fastest 50 is a comprehensive list of the region’s fastest-growing companies.   Devised and organised by leading law firm Ward HadawayRead full article

Is Analytics Ever Enough?

Data analytics has come a long way from the days of a small team of statisticians poring over spreadsheets, graphs and pie charts in the backroom offices of giant corporations. As technology advanced, so did the methods of gathering and the sources of data. This phenomenon caused a great upsetRead full article

Is It About Time You Develop a Cloud First Strategy?

    What is a cloud first strategy?   A cloud first strategy allows businesses to save money on software, platforms, and infrastructure. Instead of building their own tech stack, they subscribe to a service provider who can provide premium services at a cheaper cost. The service provider takes advantageRead full article

The Importance of Data Governance

    What is data governance?   Data governance has gained prominence over the past few years as a key aspect of doing business across various sectors. It refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data employed in an enterprise. It is aRead full article

How to Recruit and Retain Technical Talent: Advice from a CTO

Competition for the A+ talents is at it’s all time high. This assertion is supported by findings of the ADP National Employment report which posits that in 2015, the U.S. private sector posted an additional 217,000 jobs. The report, which analyses employment statistics by region and state, explains that thisRead full article