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Do Mobile Devices Spell the Death of the Desktop?

Intel has recently announced that they are to stop making motherboards for desktop computers. The company have decided to move away from PC tower systems and concentrate more on tablets and Smartphones. A note to journalists from a source within the company read “…Intel’s Desktop Motherboard Business will begin slowlyRead full article

Mobile Digital Recruitment in 2013

The recruitment industry is advancing rapidly and adapting to more digital strategies than ever before. Recruiters in the industry have to learn new methods of recruiting and different techniques to keep up with an industry that is ever-evolving. Due to the accelerated speed of Smartphone and tablet technology use, moreRead full article

Are you a Digital Native or a Digital Immigrant?

If you are under the age of 25, you probably don’t remember life without a mobile phone. The thought of never having a computer at school will probably amaze you and you may just wonder how us over 30’s ever coped getting educated in the dark ages. I am inRead full article

Rising Technologies Spell the Death of Other Industries

The demand for bigger and better technology is ever-increasing. What excited the consumer market less than a decade ago is seen as ancient today. Developers are constantly upgrading and researching new ways to bring bigger and better trends to the lives of the average person. However, these advances do comeRead full article