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Web app development: costs & processes

  9 MINUTE READ   Web app development is now a key aspect of modern business.   Innumerable case studies show that web apps help businesses work more efficiently and achieve their objectives much faster. So it’s no surprise that almost all forward-thinking businesses are trying to develop intuitive webRead full article

Top 5 trends for the smart workspace of tomorrow

  5 MINUTE READ   In the smart workspace of tomorrow, everything is connected and personalised.   The shift towards the smart workspace is happening for several reasons – to increase productivity, ensure greater energy efficiency, empower staff with better information, and accommodate an evolution in workstyles.   Much ofRead full article

Diversity vs Inclusion: Why both are essential

  6 MINUTE READ   “Diversity” and “inclusion” go hand in hand. But they are not identical. Lumping the two words together often creates problems and confusion. So for organisations that wish to create a truly diverse workforce, understanding the difference between the two concepts is vitally important.   DiversityRead full article

Why diversity matters to the bottom line

  7 MINUTE READ   Albert Einstein said:   “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”   In many ways, this quote sums up why diversity matters. Today, due the the increasing pace of change, newRead full article

Understanding industry 4.0 – Q&A with Dr. Karsten Königstein

  5 MINUTE READ   The digitisation of manufacturing is transforming the way we produce products. This shift has so much potential it is now commonly dubbed “Industry 4.0” – representing the fourth revolution in manufacturing.     From the first industrial revolution (mechanisation through steam power) to the massRead full article

5 tips for considerately managing employee departures

  6 MINUTE READ   Employee departures hold a great deal of influence when it comes to shaping a company’s reputation, which is key to its future growth and success. As celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain once said:   “If you have a good experience in a restaurant, you tell 2Read full article

Are employee engagement surveys effective?

  5 MINUTE READ   Employee engagement surveys are designed to provide employees with the opportunity to tell their management team how they’re feeling at work. The good and the bad are typically reviewed in a lengthy survey of more than 100 questions. The results are gathered and analysed toRead full article

Ownership and the key drivers of engagement

  6 MINUTE READ   Finding genuine drivers of engagement is a common challenge for business leaders. In fact, Deloitte found 87% of them cite culture and engagement as one of their top concerns.   In response, many scramble around looking for quick fixes. They clamp down on micromanagement, offerRead full article

The differences between rewards and recognition

  5 MINUTE READ   Should I reward or recognise? What’s the difference anyway?   Rewards and recognition are words that are often used interchangeably. But they don’t mean the same thing. As a result, it creates some confusion. In order to understand them both and use them more effectively, weRead full article