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Top 6 specialist headhunters in NYC

  6 MINUTE READ   Today headhunters play an essential role with the job market. They are tasked with placing the perfect candidate in the hard-to-fill roles. This isn’t easy as in most instances, the qualified candidate pool is tiny. So ultimately it all boils down to networks and connections.Read full article

What does ‘always-on’ mean for software development?

  Guest author James Wilson is Customer Success Director at Diffblue with over 15 years of experience in testing, QA, and product development in organizations ranging from startups to global companies.   5 MINUTE READ   Access to work has never been easier. Wind back the clock a decade or soRead full article

What to look for in a data science recruiter

  6 MINUTE READ   We are now living in an era driven by data. Companies are trying to figure out how to make things faster, cheaper, and more streamlined. And the best way to do this is through data science. So unsurprisingly, there has been a massive boom inRead full article

10 top tech companies to work for in NYC

  8 MINUTE READ   New York is not just a great place to live for culture, music, art and food. It is also the home of some of the best tech companies to work for in the world. From industry giants, to promising startups you are sure to findRead full article

7 simple tips to become a better programmer

  5 MINUTE READ   Self-improvement is key to staying relevant in today’s tech sector.   In fact, in Japan they have a whole culture dedicated to self-improvement at work known as “kaizen”. Under this framework, everyone from the CEO to an assembly line worker reflects on their strengths andRead full article

AMA Highlights: Creating inclusive cultures through behavioural change

  Amanda Davie, Executive Coach & Director of Equal Talent, joined us in Venturi’s Voice Slack community on April 26 to host an ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA).   Amanda specialises in helping STEM organisations create behavioural change and high-performing teams through organisational-wide group coaching. Discussion during the AMA was broadlyRead full article

23 helpful IT resources for technical managers

  7 MINUTE READ   To say there are a lot of IT resources out there is an understatement.   The internet is awash with them. Whatever technical problem you’re trying to solve, you can guarantee there are a whole host of free tools and resources intended to make yourRead full article