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Four reasons why IT recruiters face huge challenges

Four reasons why IT recruiters face huge challenges Rapid rise in technologies Technology is undoubtedly changing the world. Over the past few years, ubiquitous technologies including; big data, predictive analytics, social media, cloud computing and Smartphone technology have exploded and there is no escaping from the fact that it isRead full article

Candidates now using Twitter to market themselves for recruitment

Candidates are marketing themselves in more innovative and quirky ways than ever before. Using social media and emerging technologies, they are able to market themselves creatively online in an effort to be found by employers and recruiters. Digital marketing strategies that people have dismissed as utter nonsense in the pastRead full article

Why Tech People are migrating to the Netherlands to work

Why candidates are migrating to the Netherlands to work The Netherlands alight with culture, seeped in history and diversity is attracting candidates from all over the globe. Graduates and young professionals are moving there to embark on the opportunities available in the Netherlands. But, what is the attraction from anRead full article

A brief history of the mobile phone

The mobile phone is 40 years old today. To the Y generation or anyone under the age of around thirty, this news is probably not surprising. After all, digital natives have only ever known life with a mobile handset. However, if you are like me, and do remember life pre-mobileRead full article

How to get yourself noticed by a recruiter online

If you are looking for employment and want to get placed in a great job and not just any mundane 9-5, then it is important to stand out from the crowd. Social media has altered the way that recruiters search for candidates and your online presence is of the utmostRead full article

Is Siri serious? – The pros and cons of voice activation

Apple have just about thought of everything when it comes to customer satisfaction and being totally innovative and inventive with each of their products. Amidst all the controversy when battling it out with other phone giants such as Samsung, the company delved into voice activation and decided that consumers mayRead full article

Ten interesting facts you may not know about the Netherlands

The Netherlands with a population of just 16.4 million is attracting young professionals from all over the world. Seeped in culture and history, the Dutch wonder comprises twelve provinces, each boasting its own unique aesthetics, culture and vibrancies. Famous for its social tolerance, the Netherlands has a lot to offerRead full article